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The American River Parkway Foundation works with Sacramento County Department of Parks and Recreation to care for the American River Parkway year round. The Parkway Foundation works to support the conservation and enjoyment of the American River Parkway by fostering environmental education, stewardship and volunteer opportunities.

The American River Parkway Foundation consists of ten programs along the Parkway for running trail maintenance, trash clean-up, and burn site restoration; three annual special events that support the work of the Parkway Foundation; and over 5,000 volunteers.

In 2015, the American River Parkway Foundation:

  • Removed over 35,340 pounds of trash from the Parkway, the equivalent to the weight of 9 cars!
  • Organized 5,000 volunteers working over 15,000 hours to take care of the Parkway !
  • Coordinated over 55 volunteer events
  • Removed 13,036 invasive plants from the Parkway such as yellow star thistle, stinkwort, and red sesbania
  • Purchased 60,000 poop bags to be distributed to 12 dispensers along the Parkway
  • Cleared all 23 miles of running trails