The Urban Cow Half Marathon is a longtime running event in Sacramento’s that utilizes beautiful William Land Park. In 2019, they added a kids race named appropriately, Urban Calf.  Eppie’s Wellness Foundation was a proud sponsor of the first annual Urban Calf race, held on Saturday Oct 5, 2019.  The event drew 154 kids (12 and under), 76 of which were under 6 years old!  The beneficiary for this event was Shriner’s Hospital for Children, $3,000 was donated to Shiriner's Hospital for Children.  Shriner’s had their firetruck out for the event. We look forward to supporting and growing this event with Capital Road Race Management.

urban calf 2019

John Almeda completed the 2019 Boston Marathon overcoming unseasonable heat, an unfamiliar city and a course lined with zealous fans.  John, who has non verbal autism, qualified for Boston at the 2018 California International Marathon.  John is accompanied at each race by his coach, Darren Morgan, to help keep John on pace and on route.  Eppie’s Wellness Foundation funded Darren’s travel expenses so he was able to be with John throughout John’s Boston Experience.  Jim Geary, an EWF board member and a veteran of 24 Boston Marathons, was in Boston and assisted John, John’s mom Vanessa Bieker and Darren by helping them navigate the complex logistics of lodging, packet pickup, getting to the race start and returning from the finish.  According to Geary, “compared to finding the right place for packet pickup and getting to the start line, running the race itself is easy”.  Vanessa Bieker, who has established the Fly Brave Foundation which offers employment training and social activities for adults with developmental disabilities, was pleased that Darren was able to be with John: “I am so grateful that Eppie’s Wellness Foundation made it possible for Darren to be in Boston for John.  That and Jim’s help made John’s Boston experience wonderful.”

John was the runner for the Therapeutic Recreation Services Great Team for the final Eppie’s Great Race in 2018.  Eppie’s Wellness Foundation and Eppie’s Great Race has provided support for Therapeutic Recreation Services for over thirty five years.

john darren

The Eppie’s Wellness Foundation is pleased to support John Almeda in his 2019 Boston Marathon efforts.  John has non verbal autism and was the runner for the Therapeutic Recreation Services Great Team for the final Eppie’s Great Race in 2018.  John is so fast that he was paced by a bicyclist instead of a runner while running in Eppie's Great Race. After hearing about his efforts to qualify for the 2019 Boston Marathon, Eppie’s Wellness Foundation offered to support his efforts.  EWF is financing the trip to Boston for Darren Morgan, his running coach, who has accompanied John in every marathon. John’s mother, Vanessa Bieker, has established the Fly Brave Foundation which offers employment training and social activities for adults with developmental disabilities.  Eppie's Wellness Foundation board member Jim Geary will also be participating in the 2019 Boston Marathon. 

Following Eppie Johnson's vision for Eppie's Wellness Foundation, the foundation is continuing to support the Sacramento community after the last running of Eppie's Great Race in July 2018.  The Foundation's board of directors continue to meet and periodically reviews the needs of our beneficiaries and are receptive to new requests for support that are aligned with the foundation's mission.  We will be posting news of our support on this page.

Learn more about the motivation and history behind Eppie's Great Race (EGR) with this in-depth Q&A with George E. Johnson II - President of the Eppie’s Wellness Foundation.

How did EGR begin? Can you speak to its family origins and specifically Eppie Johnson?

George: In June of 1974, my father and race founder, Eppie Johnson was paddling his kayak on the American River with his good friend, instructor and K2 Ski Rep, Mike Ewing. Mike challenged my dad to setup a race to ski down Alpine Meadows, bike out to the Truckee River and then kayak into the City of Truckee. My dad, ever the promoter of his restaurants, looked at Mike and said "That's a great idea, but I don't have any restaurants in Alpine Meadows or Truckee!". A week later, Mike announced that he'd come up with the first course for what my father then dubbed Eppie's Great Race. Since Eppie was building a new restaurant on Olson Drive in Rancho Cordova called "Eppaminondas" (his full first name), he suggested to start there and end at the "Eppie's" coffee shop on Watt Avenue. My dad liked the idea of running and biking through Rancho Cordova and Sacramento but he also wanted to incorporate one of his favorite sports, kayaking. Starting with the very first race, my dad wanted to make sure he gave race proceeds to charity. His father, George, instilled in him that "you give back to the community that's given so much to you." Eppie identified a charity called Aquarian Effort, which helped people with drug addictions, to receive race proceeds and the race contributed to them from 1974-1979 until the race moved to the American River Parkway and the race beneficiary was changed to Therapeutic Recreation Services which provides recreational therapy to people who are physically and mentally challenged.


What are some of the most interesting things you've witnessed during the race's storied 43 years?


George: One of the most interesting things that I witnessed was when my father passed away and the paddling community honored him prior to their pre-race clinic and race. I was amazed at how many of them remarked to me that without Eppie's Great Race, they wouldn't have learned to paddle and stayed committed to doing it for so many years. It truly was heartwarming to learn what an impact my Dad's crazy love for a sport has done for so many people.


To date, how much money has EGR earned on behalf of Sacramento County Therapeutic Recreational Services? Can you speak to what services those funds help assist?


George: Through 2015's race, we have raised over $1,450,000 for Therapeutic Recreation Services. Their programs focus on abilities while encouraging people to attain their highest level of independent leisure functioning by increasing leisure skills, improving social skills, increasing independence and increasing their awareness of and involvement in community recreational activities. TRS has a schedule packed with activities including cooking classes, trips, events, summer camp, softball, Special Olympics training and much more. TRS is funded by Sacramento County and the Eppie's Great Race donation helps pay for things that their budget doesn't provide for. For example, we donated a wheelchair lift for their van and our contributions have allowed them to put on programs and events that they otherwise would not be able to do.